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Our Company

Moonlight Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotech company founded to develop a transformational treatment for patients with food allergies.

The company is focused on developing its first therapy, MOON101, for the treatment of peanut allergy using its proprietary skin stamp. Moonlight's founders are experts in drug delivery, specifically in designing systems to get across the body's barriers so drugs can be delivered effectively to its intended target. This way the drug has a better chance of successfully treating the disease. Moonlight has developed a platform to break through the skin barrier to deliver antigen to the skin's immune cells in order to protect patients from deadly anaphylactic reactions. 

The company has received multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health to develop this platform and the first treatment, MOON101. We are working tirelessly to begin our first clinical trial using MOON101 in peanut allergic adults and children. 

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Our team’s collective experience, which includes research, early stage drug and device development, and prior leadership roles at innovative biotechnology companies, positions us to advance MOON101, Moonlight's peanut allergy treatment.

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