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Caution on Oral Immunotherapy

A bit of caution on oral immunotherapies for peanut allergy. This study published in The Lancet pulled together results from 12 randomized, controlled trials, including more than 1,000 patients.

One of the findings is that patients taking oral immunotherapies may be more susceptible to allergic reactions. "...while on the immunotherapy, certain activities such as exercise or even a hot shower could trigger someone to have a severe reaction."

"Our results do not denounce current research in oral immunotherapy, but the method needs to be more carefully considered, improvements in safety made, and measures of success need to be aligned with patients’ wishes," said Dr. Derek Chu ..."We need to make significant improvements to safety if this is going to be rolled out en masse."(USA Today)

USA Today coverage

CNN coverage:

NBC Coverage:

Original article in Lancet:

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